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International Court of Criminals
William F. Jasper
Source: The New American
July 3, 2000

Among the charges leveled against King George in the Declaration of Independence by the American Founding Fathers was that he had “combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws … transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended Offenses.” American citizens could again be facing such a predicament, if the United Nations’ so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) is allowed to come to fruition. And however bleak any British dungeons were for the American colonists, the plight of victims who might be brought before the proposed world court would assuredly be infinitely worse.

In Rome, on July 17, 1998, delegates representing 120 nations attending the ICC summit, voted to endorse the “statute” creating an International Criminal Court, bringing the United Nations’ diabolical campaign for world government a giant step closer to realization. The Statute of Rome creating the new judicial body represents an unprecedented accumulation of legislative, executive, and judicial powers on a planetary scale. According to the UN globocrats, once the treaty is ratified by 60 nations, it will become binding upon every individual on earth. And the new criminal tribunal claims jurisdiction over all individuals — including Americans — accused of the “core crimes” of “genocide,” “war crimes,” “crimes against humanity,” or “aggression” — and any additional crimes that may be added in the future. All of which makes the vaunted new ICC not only an absurdity, but an institutional monstrosity with absolutely no legal basis for its claims to power.

Presently, 10 nations have ratified the ICC statute. The statute claims that the ICC will have universal jurisdiction to try individuals charged with genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression, anywhere on earth — even if the supposed defendants are citizens of a nation that has refused to ratify the treaty and the alleged crime has taken place inside the boundaries of that nation. This unprecedented claim of authority, and the extension of treaty obligation to nonparty states, is a truly audacious usurpation — even for the United Nations, which has grown increasingly brazen with each succeeding global summit. If allowed to stand — and to thrive and grow, as its champions intend — this Court would sound the death knell for national sovereignty, and for the freedoms associated with limited, constitutional government.

One of the most cherished rights of Americans that is threatened by the ICC is the right to a jury trial by one’s peers. But that is not all. Under the ICC regime, Americans would enjoy none of the privileges and immunities, or constitutional and procedural protections, enjoyed under our justice system. Once indicted by the ICC’s “global prosecutor,” a suspect is considered guilty unless proven innocent, and may be arrested and imprisoned for an unspecified time before being brought to trial. If convicted, the accused has no right to appeal other than to the very tribunal which has just condemned him. The ICC judges and prosecutors would be drawn from “jurists” representing every country which has ratified the ICC statute, including totalitarian regimes of every stripe. The hapless victims of this global kangaroo court may be sentenced to serve their time in the prisons of whatever country in the world the ICC judges, in their infinite wisdom and benignity, so determine.

The more appropriate name for the ICC would be the International Criminal Conspiracy or the International Court of Criminals.

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